Trench Hat Tuesdays with #meetmeatball #nationaldogday ❤️

An Exciting Future

Last year of school starts next week! A wedding to attend in September, Beyond Wonderland in September, 22nd Birthday in October, and New York City Trip in November

Even though I don’t speak to many of my friends anymore. Just know that I miss you guys very much, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m still the same Julie, just more responsible, career-driven, mind-focused and happily happy. I pay my bills on-time, maintained a good credit score, my car is working, I have a fat dog named Meatball, I have the best boyfriend, my eyeliner doesn’t look crazy anymore, I have semi-pointy brows, I have a dentist, I’m studying to take the GMAT and the weather isn’t hot anymore.

In other words, I’m doing fine. I will be fine.

Bubbles on a Summer day ☀️🍇 #cheers #champagne (at Vintage Wine Bar)